L'bel Dermo Clarite Facial Treatment Set

L'BEL USA SKU: 95390

L'bel Dermo Clarite Facial Treatment Set

L'BEL USA SKU: 95390
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Dermo Clarite Collection by L'bel

Factors such as pollution, the passage of time and the ravages of the sun, cause damage to the skin manifesting itself with the appearance of spots. Dim and lighten them including serums Dermo Clarité in your daily care routine.

How does Dermo Clarite work on my skin?

The skin is constantly exposed to contamination and to protect itself it produces melanin, if it is produced in excess it causes darkening of the skin. Dermoclarite regulates the production of melanin in addition to hydrating your skin.

How does Dermo Clarite Dia work?

The first step is to cleanse and tone your skin with Essential Use products. Dermo Clarite by Day with Protects you from the sun with SPF 30 and also, thanks to its micromirrors, you will have an instantly illuminated face with Brightening System technology that forms a biofilm on your skin and protects it from factors that cause blemishes.

What does Dermo Clarite Night do for my skin?

Dermo Clarite at Night is a specialized treatment that works efficiently while you sleep. It contains Chroma Bright, a molecule that fights the hyperpigmentation process without irritating the skin, by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme responsible for the production of the pigment (melanin) that generates blemishes.

L'bel develops hypoallergenic products, dermatologically tested, from natural extracts, does not clog pores, soft and for all skin types. 


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